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NameSlime-san: Creator
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Slime-San is a 2D platform game for Android where you control a slime named Spike who wants to overthrow the evil master Mr. Nemobot and then take over the world. To do this he must collect eight all-powerful slime capsules, which give him energy, strength, power and the ability to shoot lightning. The game features 60 levels, a secret ending, multiple pathways, and many achievements to get. You can unlock the achievements and save a secret after every level. The game has over 5.000 times replay value and it is easy to play but difficult to master. The story has so much laughter and humor in it that it will make you happy.
Join the ancient civilization of slime and defeat the evil master Mr. Nemobot and take over the world! The game contains more than 60 levels, and its main goal is to find the eight mysterious slime capsules. The game has more than 5.000 times replay value.
Some users reported that the game has been crashing after some level or at some point in the game. If the game crashes on you, please report it and we will look into it.
Game features:
– 60+ levels, more than 5.000 times replay value.
– Secret ending after all levels.
– Unlock achievements and save a secret after every level.
– Beautiful graphics, touch interface, colorful and humerous story.
– Highly challenging gameplay that will make you want to play it again and again.
– Create your own keygen, save password, and save as to be able to share the game with your friends.
– No network connection required. You can play offline.
– Highly customizable, customizable powerups and lube.
– Numerous sound effects, gameplay sounds, and background music.
– Comprehensive and detailed tutorial with help on all game features.
– Physics based game with tilt and touch control.
– Free version includes all levels, achievements and secret ending, and has about 60 minutes of gameplay.
How to play Slime-San:
You play as a slime named Spike who wants to overthrow the evil master Mr. Nemobot and then take over the world. Spike must collect eight all-powerful slime capsules, which give him energy, strength, power, and the ability to shoot lightning. The game features 60 levels, and its main goal is to find the eight mysterious slime capsules.
Slime-San has a fun cartoon-style art with high quality graphics. It has beautiful colors and great music,


Slime-san: Creator Features Key:

  • A new universe to explore
  • More than 20 stages
  • Unique puzzles
  • An artistic, goofy look
  • A ton of enemies
  • Slime-san: The First Encounter

    Slime-san: The First Encounter Game Key features:

    • A cool game world with multiple sub-worlds
    • Where to discover!
    • More than 15 enemy types
    • Hundreds of items
    • A manual to unlock content and find secrets

    Slime-san: World 1

    Slime-san: World 1 Game Key features:

    • A lot of levels
    • Randomly generated levels
    • More than 30 mostly different enemies
    • Hundreds of items

    Slime-san: World 2

    Slime-san: World 2 Game Key features:

    • More levels
    • More random stages
    • More enemies
    • Hundreds of items

    Slime-san: World 3

    Slime-san: World 3 Game Key features:

    • More than 15 different levels
    • You get


      Slime-san: Creator Activation [Latest 2022]

      When I was a kid, I had a blanket that was the color of a big, fat, creamy donut. The name of that donut, of course, was SLIME-SAN. That must be the time I subconsciously decided to become an artist, because I love slimes. I love slimes so much I have an entire website dedicated to them. So what if I just imagined the donut?
      Thinking that I might have a shot at a career as an artist, I decided to create a videogame based on my newfound love. Slime-san: The Game is the first of its kind to ever be created. My family even got to help me create it. And it’s so easy you can make it in just 20 minutes. So easy in fact, that millions of players have made it, from more than 100 countries around the world.
      I’m honestly not that talented and could never hope to make it big as an artist. But I did manage to make it big as a creator, and I’m still having a blast doing that.
      Even if you suck at the game, you’ll still enjoy the game. I mean, it’s slime after all. But I’ll also give you a free A+, plus some awesome slime power ups. The kind of power ups only you can get in Slime-san. That’s the way I play.
      If you wanna play with me, it’s cool.
      If you wanna cheer me on, it’s totally cool.
      If you wanna get a totally free copy of Slime-san: The Game, just go to: and send me your email address. That’s all you have to do.
      About J-Col
      J-Col has been in the videogames industry since he was 14 years old. He has worked for DreamWorks Interactive, Lionhead Studios, and Square Enix. Now he’s at Capy Games as an IT Advisor. He’s also been writing and drawing comics since he was a kid too.
      About Capy Games
      We’re a small, community-driven indie studio located in Bellevue, WA.
      We’ve been creating 2D platforming games for PC for the last 10 years. We’ve had our titles featured on dozens of Android devices, and our most recent 2D platforming game- Slime-San:


      Slime-san: Creator Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [Win/Mac] [Latest]

      Klaus Westin & Andres “Wollie” WismerBackground:
      Klaus Westin, class of 1982, is an award-winning designer, musician and concept artist. Wollie, born Woldeke Saatci, is a solo artist, producer, and sound engineer. He also makes games. Together, their works have been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Swedish Institute in New York, The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, The Museum of Science in Philadelphia, and Aarhus University in Denmark.SLIME-SAN features 26 levels, each with unique and original artwork and music by Wollie.Wollie received his first computer game commission for IBM, PC 3.3, in 1989. His first full-time work, Babbit Wars, was completed in 1990. In the years following, Wollie collaborated with Robert Ludvigsen and Pascal Gane on the CoolWorld series of arcade games and later the Realm series on the Dreamcast console. In 2003, he released his first solo game, The State of Mind. created the first soundtracks for the Sound of Music: Broadway Musical (1997), The Tempest (1999) and Michael (1999). He composed the soundtracks for Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray (2000), Enchanted (2007) and Meet the Robinsons (2007).

      Game IntroVideo Games Illustrated: “The Quest for Better Video Games” (2005)By David ButcherMy friends, it is my great pleasure to present to you the first in a four part series of features celebrating 30 years of video games. In this initial essay I will examine the evolution of our popular medium, not to be confused with the evolution of all other media. I refer here specifically to the evolution of our


      What’s new:

      of the Rock’n’Rolla Rap!

      With his videos on Youtube, Rock’n’Rolla Rap (No. 311), one of the most famous and hard to find character in the ’80s subculture, was instantly recognizable. Yet only a few Japanese persons has ever seen it.

      For more than thirty years now, he has been lying half-buried in a suitcase of documents. ‘It was a time when there was no access to the Internet or Youtube for Japan people. Nowadays, the Internet is very handy. Yet, even today, the Japanese people for the most part don’t know much about Rock’n’Rolla Rap. Japan-Germany football team may have won the 2018 World Cup, but Rock’n’Rolla Rap used to be one of the most loved sub-cultures of the 1980s.’

      [C] But it is more than a mere sequel with the DJ’s penchant for D&B and electro undertones. Not only the music is completely new this time, but also the very look of the character is new. For instance, the classic Brazilian jeans are attached as a form of character armour. Since they are used in a heroic and heroic way, the term ‘JC jeans’ was born.

      [C] Not only did he participate in the making of the film, he also spends more than one hundred hours to write the script. ‘At first, Rock’n’Rolla Rap was very hard to make. Because of the background story, it was very complicated to make. It’s a very different story from ‘DDR’. But, now, a ‘JC jeans’ costume is being realised.’

      ‘DDR’ (as in Def Jam Recordings) is the American record label that made a name for itself with popular urban music which included Run DMC, on whose account the character gets his name, and the TimeKones—a DJ generation, who are introduced on the soundtrack of ‘DDR’. ‘We chose Rock’n’Rolla Rap because DJ’s have a great presence, which is hard to be matched with the pop choreography. Musically, it can fit well with the modern dance and pop scene. And with the principle of the song, we can fully enjoy the 90s sound. Japanese people may not have heard of Run DMC that well.’

      However, Rock’n’Rolla Rap seems to have


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      How To Crack Slime-san: Creator:

    • SlimeSan. [Download] (You need to download it before make install)
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    Game Play Description:

    Slime-san is a social action Flash game and it’s all about how slime is rolling up, along with your OTT friends.

    Fortunately, Slime-san: Creator and collect universal OTT friends, earn amazing bonuses, grow up or upgrade a slime.

    Game Instruction:

    Go to the main screen of Slime-san: Creator, you will find five creatures: a big penguin, a cat, snake, elephant and a little bat to choose one of them and try to revenge all the OTT friends who was stolen by the bad guy!

    As you keep tapping in bad guy’s area to steal the slime, more and more OTT friends following. A lot of strategy action as you keep shaking your mouse to keep the slime move as fast as possible, suitable for all skill levels.

    Game Tips:

    Upgrade slime: As you keep smashing the bad guy, the slime will grow up and get stronger. By tapping in the bottom right corner, you can upgrade it.

    Tap to sneak: When the bad guy has stolen your slime, tap the “check” box to activate the stealth mode. When you want to go around the bad guy, tap the “tap” box to be noticed by the bad guy. Tap as he scanning around you.

    Dodge hit: When the bad guy still chasing the slime, he will hit to you.

    Collect Bonus Points: Collecting angel points will unlock more spells.

    Game Aspects:

    Visit the slime express department to


    System Requirements:

    Microsoft® Windows®® XP Service Pack 2
    64-bit Intel® processor or AMD64 compatible with SSE4.2.
    1GB RAM
    8GB free space
    11″ or greater display
    Microsoft Windows® ۷ Service Pack 1 or Microsoft Windows® ۸ Service Pack 1 (32-bit)
    Microsoft Windows® ۷ Service Pack 1 or Microsoft Windows®


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