Powerquest Partition Table Editor 10 1247

Powerquest Partition Table Editor 10 1247


Powerquest Partition Table Editor 10 1247

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The Nordic Subarctic Conference, also called the Finning Subarctic Conference () is an annual conference of delegates from subarctic nations. It is organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and takes place every year in October in Stockholm, Sweden. This conference is a successor to the Nordic Council of Ministers meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1972.

A meeting of the Nordic Subarctic Conference is held during each of the three occasions when an official foreign and security policy meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers is held. The Nordic Subarctic Conference is in many respects similar to the Nordic Council of Ministers. For instance, the Conference’s meetings are public as are its reports, and it has a secretariat. It is chaired by one of the ministers, and this year was chaired by Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

It currently consists of 7 full members of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and two observant and four special members. The meeting is held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, and is open to the public.

See also
Nordic Council of Ministers


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