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Office Image Extraction Wizard is a simple-to-use piece of software which relies on a wizard to help you extract graphical elements from Office files and save them to photo files. It offers support for files like DOX, ODT, and XLS.
Quick setup and wizard-like interface
The installation operation takes little time to finish and does not require special attention. It resembles a wizard where you have to follow a few simple steps to perform an extraction job in no time.
Follow simple steps to quickly extract photos
You can get started by specifying the document you want to process, along with the output directory. A batch mode is available, thus enabling you to extract photos from multiple files at the same time.
Office Image Extraction Wizard performs the entire job on its own and, once it finishes, it gives you the possibility to open the destination folder without leaving the wizard, as well as to go back to the first step and start over.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not come across any problems in our tests, since Office Image Extraction Wizard did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time to commands and extracts images swiftly while remaining light on the system resources. The downside is that it does not make room for customization or additional features, such as the possibility to preview images and make adjustments to them.
Nevertheless, Office Image Extraction Wizard offers a straightforward solution to getting ahold of images from various types of files, and it can be easily used by anyone. Unfortunately, no recent updates have been made, and other applications offer the same functionality for free.







Office Image Extraction Wizard Product Key Download [Win/Mac] Latest

Office Image Extraction Wizard – the easiest way to save images from many files. Install Office Image Extraction Wizard now and protect the most important part of your business in one file. It can save a lot of time when you need to save just one or two images. Then you can open and adjust them all at once, with a single click.

With Office Image Extraction Wizard, you get hundreds of additional features that were previously included only in professional programs.

Office Image Extraction Wizard uses advanced algorithms to find the images on your hard drive and save them to a file.

You do not need special skills or previous knowledge – installing Office Image Extraction Wizard is a simple task with a simple interface and everything is controlled by simple clicks. It is designed for beginners and experts.


1. The wizard-like interface.

2. Support for the following file formats: DOC, PPT, XLS, ODT.

3. Support for the following document types: DOC, XLS, PPT.

4. A batch mode.

5. Up to 1000 images can be saved at once.

6. Compatibility with Microsoft Office XP, 2003, and 2007.

7. Compression of the source files.

8. Special filters.

9. Various Image sizes.

10. High quality JPEG and PNG formats.

11. Support for resizing, cropping, mirroring, rotating, splitting and joining images.

12. Three models of preview and thumbnail generator.

13. The possibility to save original document (DOC, XLS, PPT).

14. The possibility to copy the selected image to the clipboard.

15. The possibility to save the extracted image to the default image viewer.

What’s New:

1. Major improvements in memory usage.

2. The ability to rename the file after extraction.

3. The ability to skip input document.

4. The ability to add all images to the initial folder.

5. The ability to filter the result before viewing.

6. The ability to resize the images.

7. The ability to create thumbnails.

8. The ability to keep an original document.

9. Completely new wizard interface (Dark Mode compatible).

10. Support for additional file formats: DOC, EML, MHTML, RTF

Office Image Extraction Wizard Product Key Free [Latest]

One of the best options for editing photos and images online is iCorrector. This software program can be downloaded for free. What makes this program great is that it is simple to use, does not have any complicated functions, has a great interface, and is really quick.

Automatically track changes in images with iCorrector
iCorrector can automatically repair and retouch photos and images. It does this by relying on visual recognition and pattern analysis. The program’s interface is designed for image editing, but this software is also very accessible to users of all levels. The software works with standard digital cameras and smartphone cameras that use a touch screen.
Supports almost all imaging formats
iCorrector can deal with formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, JPG, and PSD. It also supports RAW files, and JFIF (Jpeg File Interchange Format). A PDF and PCX picture format is also supported.
Clean up common image defects
iCorrector works by taking advantage of advanced technologies such as machine learning and visual recognition. What this basically means is that the program analyzes the image automatically. Using a simple application, the program can either fix or remove flaws, while preserving the important details.
Automatically retouch images
iCorrector can quickly retouch images with its built-in retouch features. It enables you to correct brightness, tint, de-saturation, healing, and recovery. It also has the ability to repair damaged areas, remove blemishes and wrinkles, and eliminate dust. The software also has tools that can be used to create a new image, or to reshape one image into another.
Advanced editing capabilities
iCorrector offers advanced capabilities such as cropping, text editing, white balance, stabilization, exposure, saturation, sharpening, and enhancing colors. This can also be done quickly. The program is compatible with all devices, allowing you to edit images with just a few taps.
iCorrector Editions:

iCorrector is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a powerful imaging editor that will make the editing of your pictures easier and faster. It will allow you to edit your images so that they are perfect, enhancing them, changing them, or even transforming them to achieve a desired look.
What’s to like:
Smart features
iCorrector has some of the best smart features that you will be able to see. These

Office Image Extraction Wizard Crack + Latest

1. Comfortable installation and handling.
2. Simple interface and intuitive wizard-like user experience.
3. Easy to extract images from documents.
4. Supports a batch mode, which can save time.
1. No additional features or customization.
2. Short history of development and updates.
System Requirements:
Win 2000 SP4 / 2003 SP2 / Vista SP1 / Win XP SP2 / Win 7
3.14 megabytes of RAM, 1.0 gigahertz of computer processor, 128 megabytes of free disk space, and a display that supports mouse and keyboard.
read more +


1. Comfortable installation and handling.

2. Simple interface and intuitive wizard-like user experience.

3. Easy to extract images from documents.

4. Supports a batch mode, which can save time.


1. No additional features or customization.

2. Short history of development and updates.

System Requirements:


Win 2000 SP4 / 2003 SP2 / Vista SP1 / Win XP SP2 / Win 7

3.14 megabytes of RAM, 1.0 gigahertz of computer processor, 128 megabytes of free disk space, and a display that supports mouse and keyboard.

Windows Movie Maker is a very simple and easy-to-use software application which is used to create and edit video, including taking snapshots of video. It enables you to edit and trim videos, add text captions, record video from a webcam, and mix a variety of videos. Moreover, this powerful freeware has a new-generation movie maker engine that offers huge improvements over the older versions.
Windows Movie Maker Overview:
The setup wizard is very easy to navigate and it requires no special attention. You can simply start working by either pressing the Start button or picking your installation location from the Choose installation directory option. From then on, the program automatically helps you set up the application, installing the required application updates, the codec packs and drivers. All in all, the setup takes less than five minutes.
Simple yet powerful movie maker
Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing software that is aimed at both casual users and those seeking to use advanced functions. It is powerful and yet straightforward to use, offering a plethora of features such as the built-in video creator,

What’s New in the Office Image Extraction Wizard?


… to their desired style. These styles are called templates. Style files are text files with extension and have a different format depending on their file extension.
Styles, templates, XML files can be changed with the help of an application called TheStyles. TheStyles is a free tool for Windows that allows you to edit, add or delete file or style template. Once TheStyles is installed, file or template is accessible as a template under Windows Explorer.
TheStyles is no longer available for download. But TheStyles Forums can be found on
AddXML and TheStyles are free, XStyle and TheStyles Pro are paid applications (because adding styles to a certain product is not free). XStyle provides more than 350 styles for Microsoft Office, more than 1000 for other applications. AddXML is compatible with XStyle.
TheStyles and AddXML work together and can both be used for the editing and adding files.
See also:

… the new open source text editor with a highly customizable feature-set and an intuitive interface.
Forking It is a text editor designed for newbies and power users. It’s inspired by the projects of Geany, Komodo and Notepad++, but was created from scratch with an emphasis on creating a best-in-class text editor with an intuitive and powerful user interface.
With the purpose of providing every feature for a certain price, Forking It only has the following free features:
Document folding
Compatibility with Windows programs and.txt files
Plugin support
Keyboard shortcuts
With additional software it will provide all the features of its commercial counterparts:
Tabbing support (Ctrl+Tab)
Toolbars (File, Edit, View, Format, Insert, Link, etc.)

System Requirements For Office Image Extraction Wizard:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz Athlon XP, 1.2 GHz Celeron, 1 GHz Duron
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics, ATI/AMD card, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
Network: Broadband

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