Morse Code Usage – NEC PC-8801

Morse Code Usage – NEC PC-8801

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There are a variety of emulators available for PC-88.

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External links

The first PC-88 computer, Made in China – video by the University of California, San Diego
Video about the PC-88 – by IGN
PC-88 Impressions – a guide to using the PC-88 and a comparison of the PC-88 to the Sega CD and NEC PC9801
PC-88 and PC-Engine Datasheets – by the University of New South Wales
A guide to using the PC-88 – by the Italian Far West website
PC-88 Mode B – Mode B, a software upgrade for the PC-88 that allows for the introduction of the NEC PC-9801 features
The PC-8868 described by Ben Kila

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F# type provider – create object with attribute “private” or not?

I am trying to write a type provider (F#) that will let me write following kind of things
type MyAPI() =
member this.MethodB(f: int -> int) = “retuns: f(3) = 6”

object MyAPI = new MyAPI()

I can create the class with
type MyAPI() as self =
member __.MethodB = “retuns: f(3) = 6”

but if I want to force private access, I am using
type MyAPI() =
member __.MethodB = “retuns: f(3) = 6” with

private member __.MethodB = “retuns: f(3) = 6”

how to do that? I want something like the above, but with just private.


It sounds like you want to make the this type open. Simply pass the ‘open’ keyword to the constructor. Note that I’ve made the

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Jan 28, 2020
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