HTTPRipper [Latest-2022]

HTTPRipper is a lightweight and practical solution aimed at anyone looking for a quick way to grab media content (movies, music, images, etc.) from visited websites.
Straight off the bat, we will point out that this is by no means the most stylish or the most comprehensive app of this sort, but even so, it's still worth your attention since it does its job valiantly.
Straightforward installation procedure and pretty easy configuration process
Its utter simplicity is, without a doubt, its strongpoint, as it allows even the most novice of users to make the most out of it. The installation is a typical one, courtesy of a basic wizard-based installer.
It sports a fairly non-impressive yet well-organized user interface with very few distracting elements, and you'll probably notice that at the top there's a text stating that it's running on localhost and a specific port number.
There are no special requirements for this app but, before you can use it, you do have to configure your browser. For example, if you're running Firefox, you should find your way to the Proxy configuration section and manually enter proxy settings with the HTTP Proxy as your localhost and the port number previously mentioned.
Smoothly grab media content from visited websites with the help of this tool
Once this is done, head back over to the app's main window hit the "Record" button from the lower left side of the main window and start off by visiting a website from where you want to download various media content. Once the page has been loaded, the app will display a list with all the intercepted media files which you now can download.
Of course, you can order the files based on their interception time or their size, and you're also provided with the option to add various filters. Basically, you can choose to ignore audio, image or video files if they're above a certain threshold of your choosing, and that's pretty much all there is to it.
Humdrum HTTP media ripper for all types of users
Taking everything into account, HTTPRipper is actually a pretty decent little application, and criticizing it for its lack of more advanced features would really beside the point. It's the app's impressive simplicity which might make it a future favorite amongst novice users.
However, we will say this: the app would probably would have been even more appealing if it would come with a proper documentation section, for example, configuration tutorials for some of the most popular web browsers out there.







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what is this thing.

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Its not the worst of its kind. Like a giant siphon, it merely sucks in and disgorges the valuable, nonfree information you

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have carefully curated,… personal information!

it’s a problem we’ve all known about for years. When one user visited a site and willingly submitted information, the aggregators developed powerful techniques to work out whether that person would be of value to advertisers.

We’ve all learned the hard way that simply connecting to the web, downloading a favorite application or watching a video isn’t quite the same as submitting personal information. If you’re using one of these services, you might not have made any such conscious decision, but we can guarantee you’ve consciously or unconsciously made choices that led you here.

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What’s New In?

Easy to use even for novice users
Utter simplicity in its creation and use
Captures a website’s media files (movies, music, images, etc.)
Automatically creates a complete, small and easily shared folder
Publisher: P. Ferreiro
Price: Free
Last updated: May 12th, 2018

Here are some of the main features you can enjoy when you install this utility:

● In the configuration window, under Proxy settings, we will find our local IP address and the specific port number that will be used to record web content.

● Once the media recording process is completed, HTTPRipper will create a folder called “HTTPRipper” in the Home directory and a sub-folder with the domain name and the date and time of the interception in the same directory.

● You may order the files based on their interception time or their size by simply typing the name of the order in a specific field. If you wish, you can also add various filters.

● If you wish, you can also add an “Email me the list of all intercepted websites” option which will automatically send you an email with the list of all the websites that were intercepted on the basis of a criteria you choose, such as the date, the domain, the type of content, etc.

● You will find all the intercepted media files in their folders, along with the website title and the order that they were recorded (arranged by the date of interception).

The first thing that you need to do when you want to install the app is to download a file from the official website. Next, open your torrent client, right click on the downloaded file and click on “Open”.

The installation process will begin once the app is successfully installed and open. When you’re done installing the app, you can start recording websites content and listen to your favorite music at the same time.


System Requirements For HTTPRipper:

Supported: MacOS 10.13.x, 10.11.x, 10.10.x, 10.9.x
If you find any issues while installing NTFS-3G, please feel free to contact us.
Platform: Linux (Mainly Ubuntu/Debian), Windows
Direct download:

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