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Ecusafe 3.0

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Dlíg () is a village and municipality in Púchov District in the Trenčín Region of north-western Slovakia.

In historical records the village was first mentioned in 1246.

The municipality lies at an altitude of 139 metres and covers an area of 48.637 km². It has a population of about 3,098 people.

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Category:Villages and municipalities in Púchov District% in a selected class. Additionally, the oxygen analysis should be included in the development of an automated histological assessment.

Development of an Oxygen Microprobe {#Sec5}

Here, the authors explore the feasibility of an oxygen probe for use in future biomedical studies. Currently, handheld multiparameter probes are available commercially (e.g. LI-820 for detection of glioblastoma). They have a superficial skin penetrance of \

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