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AutoCAD and 2D Architectural Design

A primary advantage of AutoCAD is its popularity in the architectural industry. Architectural drawings are often the first document that an architectural client sees and because of this, it is the most important piece of paper for the architect. AutoCAD can be used to create complex architectural drawings, which often include floor plans, elevations, sections, and cross sections. It is one of the most versatile 2D CAD tools available, making it a crucial component of the CAD toolbox.

When selecting a CAD program for architectural drafting, users should consider the complexity of the drawings they will need to create. AutoCAD is generally the most popular choice among architects because of its ease of use and the many features available. Other programs that may be good choices for architectural drafting include MicroStation, AutoCAD MEP, and ArchiCAD.

Free Tutorials for AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an easy-to-learn program, but also requires some practice to become proficient. To get a better understanding of how AutoCAD works, it is essential to practice with a free tutorial. Here are a few free tutorials that can help AutoCAD users become more proficient.

1. How to Draw a House in AutoCAD

This is a basic tutorial explaining how to draw a house in AutoCAD. It is step-by-step and covers basic AutoCAD commands and commands that are similar to those of other software programs.

2. AutoCAD Tutorial

This free tutorial from has videos that cover the basics of AutoCAD and explains the mechanics of drawing basic designs.

3. AutoCAD Tips and Tricks

This tutorial from is a series of videos with short tutorial explanations. The videos cover a variety of AutoCAD topics including procedures, key commands, general tips, and best practices.

4. Using AutoCAD for Design

The design videos from this AutoCAD tutorial cover a variety of topics such as areas of expertise, 3D modeling, interactive drawing, text and graphics, import and export, and drawing plans.

5. AutoCAD for Architectural Design

This tutorial from is divided into three parts, a basic overview, a more advanced part, and a discussion of working with AutoCAD MEP. The basic overview

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DirectNamed Layer (DNL)

A layer, often used in a DWG or PDF file, that does not have a DWG group associated with it. DNL layers are not organized by parent/child relationships and appear to act as though they are stand alone layers in the file. In other words, they do not have a DWG Group object.

DNLs are conceptually very similar to Layers except they do not have any DWG Group objects.

The DNL will be placed in the DWG at the point where it is “cut” with the selection boundary.

It is typically only found in Project-based formats, such as DWG. It appears that it was primarily used for drawing segmentation and feature lines.

It is very much like a Layer, except it is not associated with a DWG Group. It can have notes and a description associated with it.


Nodes are collection of objects such as arcs and lines on a single point that make up a geometric shape. In AutoCAD, a node is represented as a square (also known as a 4-connected node), while in VectorWorks a node is represented by a rectangle (also known as a 6-connected node). Nodes can be associated with dimensions, title blocks, views and properties.

Objects that extend the AutoCAD geometry data model are nodes, such as regular points, splines and arcs.


Names are a list of strings that identify an object or feature. Objects that are part of a drawing such as lines, circles, squares and text are identified by their names. These names are properties of each object. Names are used to identify objects in selection views, edit views, context views and in selection tooltips.

Names are also used to distinguish one shape from another. They are used to name parent and child entities in a drawing and to name a linked object as you edit it.

Named Object Properties

Object Properties are properties that are associated with objects and set as part of the AutoCAD user interface. Properties provide information about the characteristics of an object. They are used to identify an object and to distinguish it from other objects. Properties can also be used to automatically identify an object.

Object properties are also used to configure object properties. For example, when you set an object’s properties, the dialog box you use will let you choose the type of property

AutoCAD 22.0

Right-click on the icon to open the application. Select “Generate license key” option. A window will appear. Enter the generated license key and click on “Generate” button.

Close the Autocad application.

Open the command prompt and type “Autocad.exe /regsvr32 /i Autocad.dll”.

Type “keygen /cfg “c:\file.reg” /noui”.

Double click on the file to regenerate the license key.


I usually just open the Autocad application using the following procedure:

Right click on the Autocad application icon
Select “Run As Administrator”
Select “Run with highest privileges”

Then run the following commands:

Autocad.exe /regsvr32 /i Autocad.dll

Then go into the registry editor (regedit) and edit


Delete the value called “”RegistryPath””
Add the following value:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AutoCAD\2016\ACAD2016\English\Common\Wizards\AutoCAD_2016_Win64_English.exe”

Set the value Data value to REG_SZ 0x3E8F
Save and close the registry editor.
Restart the Autocad application.

This should get the program running correctly.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Substance Designer 2017: Add new surfaces for high-fidelity materials such as stone, leather, metal, plastic, and more. Add decorative patterns to walls, floors, and ceilings. Transform your designs using geometry extrusion, with depth-culling and other advanced features. The Substance Source Library of pre-built material library lets you get started in minutes, right inside your design. (video: 1:26 min.)

CAD-A-BIZ 2019:

New Tools, New Pro:

Nestled between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, the 2019 release of AutoCAD will offer more ways to quickly and easily manage your drawings, design and draw tools, and applications. AutoCAD LT is now a single price that includes AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD LT for Windows for a one-time price of just $1,099. (video: 1:07 min.)

Revamped Layer Dialog:

Vitalize your design with new, 3D-centric Layers, including 2D Annotations and 3D Extrusion. In addition, there’s a new 3D Viewport snap, which can be used to set the location of 3D model parts, quickly and easily. A new icon option in the Layer Dialog gives you more granular control over visibility of layers.

Tight Workspace Management:

An updated Workspaces management panel gives you more room for your layers, tools, and work areas. With an enhanced Workspaces layout and navigation, you can now quickly create a plan of attack for your design. A new workspace management panel lets you quickly manage your work areas from any window. When designing with CAD-A-BIZ, you can now quickly access your most recently used layouts from the canvas or the workspaces manager.

A new floating toolbar lets you add contextual tools to your canvas or work area with just a click. You can now quickly right-click and access tools and menu items in all drawing windows, including the popup menus of work areas. A new Group View option in the Layer Dialog gives you a new way to manage your large drawings.

Revamped Layer Properties and Hide/Show Layers:

Add 3D textures to your layers, 2D graphics and patterns to 2D layers, and apply fills and strokes to all layer types. Now, with the new Layer Properties panel, you can manage and view multiple layers from one view

System Requirements:

OS: Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later (32-bit and 64-bit)
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo or equivalent
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
To install Adobe Photoshop CS3 you will also need a USB 2.0 port.
This is an Adobe Creative Suite product and must

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