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ReactJS unshift an array of setState

I would like to unshift an array of state and update the state.
var state =[];
var array = this.state.profile[userId].skill;



But, it’s not work properly


Based on the code you have given, you can get the array like so:
this.state.profile[userId].skill.splice(0, array.length);

and then:
this.setState(prevState => ({
[userId]: {
profile: {
[userId]: {
skill: state

Friday, August 6, 2012

I’ve been cleaning off the decks and around the house and out in the barn. I’m really getting into the potter mode of summer cleaning! I need to find all those little time-killers.

I have a few lists I am keeping, but I just need to get more active this summer so I don’t get so bogged down with the housework.

So I’ll see what I find while fishing and biking.

I missed the rain yesterday as I had been out golfing in the rain. Here in Colorado the grass in the front yard, along with a few other things, looks like a giant green lawn. Guess I should have stayed home yesterday.

Monday, August 2, 2012

I am looking forward to a week of golf and adventures.

Tomorrow I will play with my dad and my brother.

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